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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NRC ?
The National Resilience College (NRC) also known as Maktab Ketahanan Nasional (MKN) was established on 31st July 2019. This college offers the continuity of defence studies at grand strategic level. It is designed to provide best practices for the highest level of thinking process in achieving the nations grand interest. NRC is conducting relevant courses as capstone to the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) senior officers of Brigadier General and Colonel in rank or equivalent.

What is the aim of this college ?
The aim of this college is to prepare strategic thinkers of statesman's quality in capable of utilising national power to promote security, stability and prosperity of the nation, region and world.

What is the vision and mission of NRC ?
The centre of excellence for strategic thinkers of statesman's quality
NRC aspires to be an institution that provides best practices for highest level of thinking processes in achieving the national grand interest. The product shall be producing wise, rationale, skillful leaders who are well versed in principles on the art of governing.


  • To prepare strategic thinkers & policy entrepreneurs
  • To make ready for use the existing high level leaders with academic credentials and practitioner's experiences becoming a convincing and reliable strategic thinkers. These individuals shall be able to take opportunities and to influence policy outcomes in order to achieve the best interests of the nation.

What program design that NRC offers ?
The contents of approximately 52 weeks of coursework and field research and divided into 4 semesters with 1 module per semester as follows:

  • Semester 1 - Module 1 (Diplomatic, Political and Economic Studies)
  • Semester 2 - Module 2 (Regional and International Security Studies)
  • Semester 3 - Module 3 (Defence and Policy Studies)
  • Semester 4 - Module 4 (National Power Practicum)

What is the pre-requisite to join the course?
Must be Senior Officer in Malaysia Armed Forces (MAF), Brigadier General and Colonel in rank or equivalent.

What is the credential achieve after the completion of course ?
The NRC Graduates will be awarded with ‘fellow scholar of NDUM’, which they will be entitled to put on officially at the end of their name.



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