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Course Overview

The National Resilience College is the senior college of the National Centre for Defence Studies of the Malaysian Armed Forces. We provide the capstone to the strategic education of those officers of the Armed Forces and equivalent civil servants who have the potential to reach the highest ranks and who must therefore understand and be comfortable working at the strategic level in a cross-government and international environment. The college was established in accordance with the strategic vision of the late Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Abdul Razak bin Dato’ Hussien’s vision of promoting greater understanding between senior military officers, diplomats, civil servants, officials and the corporate sector. The NRC is a strategic college designed to provide best practices for the highest level of thinking process in achieving the nation’s grand interest. The course at NRC will be the continuity of studies of the Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College and Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College but with emphasis on high-level studies at the grand strategic level focusing on defence and security of the nation, regional and global.

Officially the NRC was established on 31st July 2019 to cater for the professional development of the Malaysian Armed Forces officers of Brigadier General and Colonel in rank or equivalent. The study program is known as the National Resilience program with the academic program provided for and in collaboration with the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM). The NRC 2021 cohort will span an academic year from 4th January to 24th December 2021 with the aim of providing Course Members (CM) with third level Professional Military Education (PME), in international affairs, security, policy and strategy.

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