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Open Data Reference

Open Data Reference

Open data is data that can be used freely, is able to be shared and reused by the people, as well as the Government and public agencies for various purposes. It acts as the catalyst in the Government’s citizen-centric initiative. The implementation of Government open data will improve the transparency of Government services delivery through sharing of data that is accurate, fast and relevant as well as increase the nation’s digital economy productivity through new industries or innovations with the involvement of the people and the business community. It also places Malaysia on par with other countries in the Digital Government initiative.

What are the Objectives of Open Data?

The objectives for implementing the public sector open data are as follows:

  • Enables data to be shared to a wide range of users and to increase the transparency of government services;
  • Provides opportunities to citizens and the business community to increase their creativity and innovation in the creation of new products;
  • Provides a platform for the people to obtain information from official sources of the Government and as a means to obtain feedback from citizens;
  • Saves citizens' time to access the government open data; and
  • Saves the cost of applications development by government agencies.

The portal serves as an online one-service-center to access and download the open government data.

The Public Sector Open Data Portal is an online one-service-centre to access and download the open government data managed by Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU).

The Public Sector Open Data Portal can be accessed through



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